Crawl Space Repairs and Waterproofing: What You Should Know

Every home needs a google recommended crawl space experts and many people don’t even know it. It’s a dark, damp, and hot underground chamber where heat escapes easily from the surrounding walls. It’s also used to store water, natural gas, and other fluids. If you have an above ground pool in your basement, chances are that there is a crawl space below it as well.

What exactly needs to be done to fix a leaking basement? Most of the time, the only thing needed is waterproofing. How much does waterproofing cost? This depends on a variety of factors including the materials used to build the structure, the depth of the leak, and the amount of sagging that are causing the problem. You may want to consult with a professional to get an accurate figure, since some basements have additional sagging below the floor level, which can increase your bill by quite a bit.

If you’re leaking below the ground level, then waterproofing may not be necessary at all. However, most basements leak at least a little bit, and often it is the result of floor cracks or some other flaw that is allowing the water in. In these cases, you can simply waterproof the area using plastic patio sheets and apply some putty to the bottom area of the window well. Most times, this will fix your basement leaks, and any others that may occur.

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