A vaporizer or vaporizer, also known as a vaper, is an electronic device which uses a heating element to vapourise substances for inhalation. In most cases, plant materials can be utilised, most commonly herbs, tobacco, cannabis or other blends of oil or cannabis. Some vapers prefer to use herbs such as lavender, Rosemary, sage or lemon balm for their vapourisers, as these are calming and have a pleasant smell and flavour, especially when lit. Others prefer to use natural herbal scents such as mint or eucalyptus. Read more – vapeworkscentral.com/geekvape-aegis-x-200w-tc-kit-with-cerberus-tank-review/

Vape Pens

Vape Pens

A vaporizer is not without its disadvantages however, and some argue that the lack of a filter on the heating element could potentially lead to health risks. If the vapouriser contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) it will attract more than one kind of chemical through vapour. It could potentially damage human cells and can act as a carcinogen in humans. There is also some concern that the VOCs may escape into the air and land up in places where they are inhaled. This, although unlikely, has happened. Another issue with vapourisers is that many don’t remove the oils from the plant material, so vapour may be inhaled when this material is burned.


There are many benefits to using Vape Pens. They are extremely convenient and safe to use and do not carry the same health risks as other methods of smoking. They can even be used while you’re sleeping, which makes them ideal for those who suffer from sleep deprivation or are simply tired. They are much safer than traditional cigarettes, which can be harmful for a number of different reasons.

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